Risks of the operation

Hematoma -  This is blood in the scrotum or penis.  If patients rest and recline for first few days, this is minimized.  If one forms, it will reabsorb over days to weeks

Infection -  Only 1/200 cases, however when it occurs, is the most dreaded complication.  If a true infection, the device needs to be removed, the area washout out with antibiotics, and a “staging” semirigid implant placed.  After 2-3 months, can go back to an inflatable implant. The most common sign of infection is the pump is high, and stuck to the scrotal skin.  Most patients with infections do not get a fever, and their bloodwork is normal.

Implant malfunction - This can occur within a year, or in 20 years.  When the device breaks or there is a leak, it will suddenly malfunction.  A revision surgery is now indicated